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Same Day Pest Control in Basildon Borough

If you are looking for guaranteed pest control in Basildon Borough then you’ve come to the right place. As Full-Servicing BPCA Members, our qualified pest control technicians are on-hand to offer rapid response, same day pest control in the Basildon Council area. 

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Quality-Assured Pest Control Services in Basildon You Can Rely On

Whether it’s your home or your business – if you have a problem with pests, you have two real options. 

The first is to try and tackle them yourself. Afterall it’s got to be cheaper right? Just buy some products and away you go. You could even “YouTube” it. 

But, here’s the problem. One of the biggest factors in 100% effective pest control issue resolution is having the experience of having done it thousands of times. 

As professionals, we know the best techniques and products for each set of circumstances and we understand each pest and factors like their behaviours and life-cycle, which means the issue can be fully resolved, not just temporarily. 

Our quality-assured pest control in Basildon comes with a 100% issue eradication guarantee. That means the price we charged is a fixed fee for completely eradicating the issue – and NOT per call-out. We don’t stop until the pests are gone.

The only way to get complete peace of mind (and save money in the long-run) is to call out the experts. Call Basildon Pest Control.



Pest Control Services in Basildon

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

There are lots of pest control companies in Basildon that will travel from all over London and Essex to offer you help. We believe we offer the best of everything – from quality of work, to impeccably high-standards of service, to our extremely competitive pricing. So here’s 10 reasons why we believe you should choose us…

100% Eradication Guarantee

All pest issues eradicated – we won’t stop until the pests are gone! 

Fixed Fees - No Hidden Costs

The price we quote is the price you pay for complete eradication of your pest issue.

Evening & Weekend Call-outs Available

Pests don’t work Monday-Friday 9-5 so nor do we – and we won’t charge extra for call-out.

Domestic & Commercial Clients

Whether it’s your home or a large commercial contract – we are happy to look at your issues.

Rapid Response - Same Day Service

Pest Issues can be daunting and scary but we can be with you often within hours.

Discreet Service - Unmarked Vans

Discretion is important – particularly if you’re a business. All our vans are unmarked.

Full Servicing BPCA Members

All our pest techs are Level 2 Qualified and quality assured as members of the BPCA.

Impeccable 5-Star Customer Service

Our experience and our expertise means we get 5-star reviews all the time.

On-hand to Help On the Phone or Online.

Whatever your issue, we’re here to help. Whether you want to call or chat online. 

Humane, Environmentally-Friendly

Where extermination is the last resort, all treatments are safe, humane and eco-friendly.

Experienced Pest Control Services in Basildon

Bed Bugs Removal in Basildon

Bed Bugs

Notoriously difficult to completely eradicate, find out more about our services.

Cockroach pest control in Basildon


Carrying some nasty diseases and drawn to kitchens, these pests need dealing with – fast!

Rodent Pest Control in Basildon


Rodents such as rats and mice can cause considerable damage and pose a health risk.

Wasp Nest Removal in Bsaildon Essex

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nests can pose a serious risk and shouldn’t be tackled without professional help.

Woodworm Pest Control in Basildon

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm damage can be costly to properties and furniture alike.

garden ants for other pest control in Basildon

Other Pests

Other pests we can help with – from Moles, Squirrels, Ants and even False Widow Spiders.

100% Eradication Guaranteed - Fixed Fee No Hidden Costs.

If you have a problem with any pest, don’t forget we offer a 100% Eradication Service for a fixed fee – with no hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay. Find out why so many turn to Basildon Pest Control…

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I was so upset about seeing a mouse that I wouldn’t come back in the house and with the help of the technician’s advice and him going above and beyond to do everything possible to make me feel better, I am now back home! Would definitely recommend!”

J O’Connor

“I called in the morning after seeing a wasps nest in my loft over the weekend, Declan arrived within the hour, identified the old (thankfully) wasp nest and took it away and did a general check for any other pests up there. Both the office and Declan very professional and friendly.”

Kirsty Turner

He was such an amazing, professional punctual person. He made me feel safe in my home again. You can tell he loves his job because he took his time in trying to make me feel reassured, which is really good.

M. Popoola

“After nearly 2 years of trying to rid my house of nuisance mice I finally gave up and called in Basildon Pest Control. My biggest regret was not calling them earlier! Don’t mess around wasting money for months on end believing you can solve the problem yourself. Get the professionals round, job done!”

D. McIntyre

Get in Touch

If you are looking for Pest Control in Basildon, whether you would like our advice or to book a technician you can call us, email us or message us using our “Facebook messenger” chat option. (You can message us even if you don’t have a Facebook account).

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