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Here are some of the other pest control services in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford and across the Basildon Borough. These pests are less common than some of the other pests already highlighted on the other pages of this website, but still our experience and expertise means we can help you with any of these issues as well.

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Ants are drawn to sugary foods, meaning that – as with other pests – it’s kitchen areas in homes and public spaces that tend to have the most issues with ants. 

Whilst ants don’t carry diseases, their roaming nature means they are not a hygenic insect to be having around kitchen spaces.

Part of our service is to help businesses prevent an infestation by shoring properties up. However where the infestation is already present, we are on-hand to get straight to work. 

As well as placing down 100% effective treatments that are the fastest acting available, we will carry out necessary follow-ups as part of our service to make sure the issue is fully resolved. 

If you have any issues with ants then please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

garden ants for other pest control in Basildon

Fleas / Mites

Fleas/Mites come into properties by being carried in on the fur of pets and other animals, and can quickly infultrate a property in no time. 

Their rapid reproduction rates mean that once fleas are in a property, they can be difficult to control – often resulting in multiple rooms to full properties needing to be treated.

The fleas themselves can be distressing for our pets as they are feed off your pet. They will also bite humans, leaving an itchy rash – in a similar vein to bed bugs.

Whilst there are off-the-shelf DIY products available, as always, unless you have experience and an understanding of the life-cycle of fleas, it can be difficult to completely eradicate the issue. That’s where we come in. 

Flea pest control in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford


Moles are responsible for considerable damage to lawns, public spaces and sports facilities in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford and surrounding areas. 

This burroughing animal creates a complex network of tunnels as it snaffles up it’s favourite foods of bugs and earth worms near the topsoil. 

Wherever possible, our aim is to assist with the prevention of moles. We will only ever resort to extermination as a last resort. In these cases any treatments used are the fastest possible acting products, and of course, are environmentally friendly. 

Dealing with mole pest issues effectively requires extensive knowledge and experience of their tunneling networks – which is why if you have an issue with moles, you are best advised to contact professionals for their help.

Mole Pest Control in Basildon, Billericay and Wickford


The grey squirrel was introduced into the UK in the 19th Century from Canada – and over time it has superceded the UK’s natural squirrel – the red squirrel. 

Infact, classed as an “invasive” species it is actually against the law to trap and release a grey squirrel. 

Squirrels may look cute, but they can cause considerable amounts of damage to property whilst they are looking to nest. They can also be quite an aggressive pest, particularly in protecting their space and their young.

To that end, we focus initially on preventative measures you can take at your home or business to keep them away.

Where it is too late for prevention, our pest control technicians will use fast-acting, environmentally-friendly treatments. 

Squirrel Pest Control in Basildon, Billericay & Wickford

Textile Pests

Textile Pests such as moths and certain beetles are prone to causing considerable damage to items such as clothing and soft-furnishings.  

The reason for this is they feed on a protein called Keratin – which is found in the fibres of textiles such as wool, silk, leather, fur and feathers. 

Where items are damaged, the benefit of calling out professionals such as ourselves means that the right level of treatments can be applied without causing further damage.

Over the years we have been called out to huge clothes retailers to museums where historic artifacts have needed protecting. In every case, the individual circumstances determine how we approach the treatment – and a full follow-up service is included in any fixed quote.

Textile Pest Control in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

There are lots of pest control companies in Basildon, Billericay, Wickford and surrounding areas that will travel from all over London and Essex offering pest control services. So how do you know who to choose? Here’s 10 reasons why our clients turn to us for our pest control services.

100% Eradication Guarantee

With rodents we offer a 100% Issue eradication guarantee – ensuring the pests are gone.

Fixed Fees - No Hidden Costs

The price we quote is the price you pay for complete resolution of your pest issue.

Evening & Weekend Call-outs Available

These pests don’t just operate Mon-Fri 9-5 so nor do we. We don’t charge extra either!

Domestic & Commercial Clients

Whether it’s your home or a large commercial contract – we are happy to look at your issues.

Rapid Response - Same Day Service

The complexity of dealing with these pests and any health risk means we act fast.

Discreet Service - Unmarked Vans

Discretion is important – particularly if you’re a business. All our vans are unmarked.

Full Servicing BPCA Members

All our pest techs are Level 2 Qualified and quality assured as members of the BPCA.

Impeccable 5-Star Customer Service

Our experience and our expertise means we get 5-star reviews all the time.

On-hand to Help On the Phone or Online.

We’re here to answer your questions about issues relating to these pests.

Environmentally-Friendly Treatments

All of our treatments are eco-friendly and safe to use in any environment. 

100% Eradication Guaranteed - Fixed Fee No Hidden Costs.

If you have a problem with any of these pests, don’t forget we offer a 100% Eradication Service for a fixed fee – with no hidden costs. The price we quote is the price you pay. Find out why so many turn to Basildon Pest Control…

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I was so upset about seeing a mouse that I wouldn’t come back in the house and with the help of the technician’s advice and him going above and beyond to do everything possible to make me feel better, I am now back home! Would definitely recommend!”

J O’Connor

“I called in the morning after seeing a wasps nest in my loft over the weekend, Declan arrived within the hour, identified the old (thankfully) wasp nest and took it away and did a general check for any other pests up there. Both the office and Declan very professional and friendly.”

Kirsty Turner

He was such an amazing, professional punctual person. He made me feel safe in my home again. You can tell he loves his job because he took his time in trying to make me feel reassured, which is really good.

M. Popoola

“After nearly 2 years of trying to rid my house of nuisance mice I finally gave up and called in Basildon Pest Control. My biggest regret was not calling them earlier! Don’t mess around wasting money for months on end believing you can solve the problem yourself. Get the professionals round, job done!”

D. McIntyre

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